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What Are Those Green Stains On the Side of My House?

Green mildew stains on the side of a house need to be removed before they have a chance to cause permanent discoloration to the material. A cleaner appearance will not only look much better but will enhance the value of the structure. If you have noticed mildew growth on the side of your house, it is time to arrange for a professional pressure wash.

Mold and mildew grow more robustly in areas with less sunlight. It is generally a greater problem on the north side of a house than on the south side. Shaded areas under trees are also highly susceptible to fungus growth due to the decreased sunlight and lingering moisture. Shrubbery can affect the adjacent siding area. At a near microscopic level, the siding is not as smooth as it appears, providing ample contact points for fungus spores to attach and thrive.

Pressure washing delivers more than just an improved appearance. Mildew fungus spores can be a lung irritant to those with allergies or asthma sensitivity. The elimination of the green Aspergillus mildew spore and other mold mycotoxins creates a healthier living environment.

You can arrange to have the knowledgeable experts clean and protect your house. Wall2Wall Cleaning Service provides professional pressure washing services to revive the appearance of your siding or any other areas needing attention. They have the experience necessary to ensure that the job is done right and that you are satisfied with your new appearance.