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How Do You Hire the Right House Cleaner?

Letting someone into your home is a big decision. More than likely, this company or person is a stranger. How can you be sure that they’re honest? Should you consider leaving them in your home unsupervised? How do you know if this is a good idea?

The Cleaning Company vs. The Cleaning Individual

The number of cleaning companies in the St. Charles & St. Louis area can be intimidating. Are there advantages to considering a company versus hiring your neighbor’s friend?

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Professional Cleaning Company:

  1. Insurance – The house cleaning company is insured and bonded in case of accident or theft;
  2. Convenience – No hassle of interviewing, hiring or firing;
  3. Comfort – Instructions are given to a company or supervisor rather than a worker;
  4. Supplies – House cleaning companies provide their own cleaning supplies;
  5. Availability – House cleaning companies are more willing to fit into your schedule;

Hiring a house cleaning company does not need to be stressful. Be prepared, ask the right questions and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free clean home!

Why Choose Wall 2 Wall Cleaning

Not only is Wall 2 Wall Cleaning the highest rated maid service in St. Charles & St. Louis, our staff are specifically trained and ready to serve! Our team is licensed & bonded, putting your mind at ease with workers comp insurance, background checks & thorough screening. Call today at (314) 207-4434!