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The Dirtiest Parts Of Your Home

Have you ever wondered about the dirtiest parts of your home? Some of them might surprise you. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 dirtiest parts of your home to be aware of so you can keep your home clean and your family healthy!

The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink sees a lot of the bacteria filled items that we use in our homes, including raw meat, raw fish, and leftovers after dinner. You name it, and its probably gone down the garbage disposal at one point or another. Not to mention the sponge we use to clean all of the dishes and cooking essentials is continuously left it in the sink to grow bacteria. All of these are pretty gross, but don't worry, cleaning the sink is pretty simple. We recommend scrubbing it down with baking soda, then soak it in white vinegar and warm water for fifteen minutes. Always remember to change out your sponge!

Remote Control

We often forget about the remote control for the television, but almost everyone in your house touches this at some point or another. To clean this device, grab a cotton swab that's been dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently clean on or around the buttons to remove germs.

Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is surrounded by water at all times making it highly susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. However, cleaning it is probably easier than you would have thought! Just spray your curtain liners with an equal mixture of vinegar and water and run your fabric curtain through the washing machine once a month.

Cutting Boards

Another part of the kitchen that has seen it all is your cutting board! The cutting board might be even more critical because this is the food you're going to eat. To clean this item, you can use soap and warm water, but be careful as this can wear down the cutting board. If you are cleaning a wooden board, use vinegar to disinfect it gently.

Computer Keyboard

Similar to your tv remote, the computer keyboard can be home to numerous amounts of germs and bacteria. You back and forth between typing, touching your face, eating your lunch, and more, causing it to collect a lot of grime. To clean this item, unplug it first and gently wipe it down with an equal mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Just remember not to get your keyboard too wet and potentially ruin it's functioning!

Oven Knobs

Handling food and touching the knobs on the oven go hand in hand, but how often do you think to clean them when you’re finished cooking? To clean them, pull the knobs off and wipe them down with an equal mixture of vinegar and water or let them soak in warm water and soap overnight.

Light Switches

We have light switches in every room of our home, and they're one of the dirtiest items in any household. To clean them, gently wipe them down with either all-purpose cleaner or an equal mixture of vinegar and water.

Makeup Brushes

Ladies, let's be honest with ourselves. How often do we remember to clean our makeup brushes? This is such an important step and can help keep you healthy. Makeup brushes have so many nooks and crannies between the bristles, making them the perfect home for bacteria. Then, even grosser, you brush all of it on your face transferring it to your skin. To keep your brushes clean and your skin healthy, you can wash them with warm water and soap. Shampoo works as well!

Area Around the Toilet

Nobody wants to think about just how dirty their bathrooms are, but it’s important to keep in mind so you can keep them clean. One of the dirtiest parts of the bathroom is the floor around the toilet. It’s an area that is very easily contaminated, but luckily it's pretty easy to clean! Just use your favorite bathroom or all-purpose spray and wipe it down.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are teeming with bacteria because they get wet and are then left to dry on a hook or in a pile on the floor. It can take hours for a towel to thoroughly air dry in the moist environment of your bathroom making it a great place for bacteria to grow. To keep this to a minimum, try washing them once a week!


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