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5 Benefits of Pressure (Soft) Washing With Wall 2 Wall

Cleaning the exterior of a home can be a tedious job, especially when trying to clean every crack and crevice for best results. At Wall 2 Wall, we have a different approach. Most cleaning services call house washing “pressure washing,” but the technique we use is actually “soft washing.” This method is combined with environmentally safe detergents that kill nasty mold and debris from your home’s exterior. Here are five benefits to look forward to after pressure (soft) washing your home with Wall 2 Wall:

A Clean Home Exterior

Curb appeal is important to many homeowners as it’s a “first impression” for visitors or onlookers. Dirt, algae, bacteria, and other particles build up on your siding, roof, and gutters overtime and can make your home look uncared for, dirty, and overall unappealing. Wall 2 Wall’s pressure (soft) washing thoroughly cleans any unwanted organisms from the exterior using a low pressure to clean vinyl, wood, brick, or painted siding effectively. This soft pressure process makes sure to keep the paint, siding, spackle, vinyl, or finish unaffected, leaving your home looking bright as new!

A Safer Environment

That green, brown, and black stuff on your home isn't just displeasing: that’s mold! Mold can accumulate on the side of your home, traveling up and down crevices and sneaking into small hard-to-clean areas. It might seem harmless, but these kinds of substances can cause permanent damage to your home, and it’s materials, as well as cause harm to the environment, your family, and your pets. Pressure washing with mild chlorine concentrations can effectively remove mold and make a safer environment in and around your home.

Long-Term Results

When you choose to pressure (soft) wash with Wall 2 Wall, we guarantee to provide our best services with the most experienced staff and latest equipment. Our process will keep your home cleaner for up to three times longer with the chemicals we use and the way we wash! Our house washing services work excellent on vinyl siding, wood, gutters, and soffits and fascia to keep them in their best shape as long as possible.


Bacteria build-up and algae can directly contribute to the degradation of your home by eating away at the materials. Pressure (soft) washing not only cleans your home’s exterior, but it restores and preserves what’s underneath. If you want your home to last, it’s crucial that you pressure (soft) wash the exterior to keep it in mint condition.

Quality Care

Our team knows the right combination of water pressure and chemicals to improve your home’s exterior without harming it in the process. We are committed to a job well and correctly the first time, as well as your satisfaction, and thoroughly trained on all of our special equipment. This service will last, and you'll be more than pleased with the results!

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