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Which Parts of Your House Should be Cleaned Weekly

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing process, but it’s necessary to prevent germs from spreading. It will also help you to maintain a stress-free environment for you and your family. This checklist will give you a few of the must-clean places in your home, that should ideally be done on a weekly basis.


This is probably the most used room in your entire home, and with that being said, it’s more susceptible to dirt, clutter, and bacteria. To prevent all of this from collecting, it’s important to keep your counters organized, wipe down all surface areas (especially after cooking), sweep regularly and take out trash bins when they become full or when you notice that they smell. These steps are an excellent way to maintain a pristine kitchen, and a small step to help the rest of your home.


Another area of your home that people spend a lot of time in are the bathrooms. These are more susceptible to bacteria growth and require more attention than a lot of the other areas in your home. A few steps you can take weekly to make sure your bathrooms remain in good condition include wiping down mirrors and sinks to prevent water spots and grime, switching out the washcloths and towels and scrubbing the toilets and bathtubs.


Nothing is more satisfying than climbing into bed after a long day; make it more relaxing by cleaning sheets and bedding every other week. Hang up or put away all random discarded clothes from that one chair (we all have that one chair we throw clothes on), to their actual designated spot and vacuum or sweep the floor. Wipe down any side tables or other furniture in the room to get rid of dust.

Living Room

A lot goes on in the living room, movie nights, game day parties and even quick naps every once in a while. To keep it looking and feeling its best, clean the sofa cushions weekly, wipe down any light fixtures and tables, and clean your rugs. Additionally, it’s always helpful to have some kind of scented spray on hand to keep the room smelling fresh!

Weekly cleaning can get tiresome after a while, especially after long days of working and taking care of your kids first. At Wall 2 Wall Cleaning we make your life easier by taking care of all of what we mentioned and more with our at home cleaning and maid service!

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