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Let’s face it, nobody likes looking outside through dirty windows. Not only do they prevent you from being able to enjoy everything outside your home in clarity, but they can really make the outside of your home look worn, run-down, and old. To make matters more difficult, most people only ever clean one side of their windows, especially on upper stories: the inside. Getting the outside of your windows not only requires harsher cleaning to remove the dust and grime but may also be dangerous because of the height involved. As a result, most people simply ignore the outside of their windows and the problem only continues to grow worse and worse.

At Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services, we believe you shouldn’t have to put yourself at risk to get the outside of your windows clean; just leave it to us! All of our St. Louis cleaning service experts that work on our window cleaning jobs have been trained in how to safely and securely clean windows on upper levels, in including going through rigorous ladder safety training as well as receiving OSHA certification. We always use the utmost care and caution when working on your home, making sure that not only is the work we’re doing safe, but effective at restoring that spot-free shine that you’ve long-forgotten your windows could ever have. Whether you need just a few windows taken care of your every window in your house, we can handle the job quickly and effectively, restoring your windows and your home to their unblemished beauty!

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Whether you’re dealing with years of grime and buildup on your windows or you’re simply looking to make your home look great again after a few weeks, our professional window cleaning services are ready to handle the job. We make it a point to use materials and tools that are strong enough to get the job done but mild enough to protect you and your family for a truly satisfying outcome.

Our signature window cleaning service includes:

  • Total glass cleaning both inside and out
  • Wiping and cleaning of all window frames
  • Cleaning of window tracks and sills
  • Cleaning of window screens

Rain on the horizon? Don’t worry! We not only take pride in our work, but we stand by it. If rain happens to appear within three days of our service, we’ll come back to your home and touch up your windows again as soon as our schedule permits! We work hard to make sure your windows are as clean as possible so your home will look bright and beautiful once again.

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