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Window Cleaning Services

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The majority of homeowners only ever really clean one side of their windows: the inside. It’s easy to walk up to a window, spray it with a bit of cleaner, and then wipe it down. However, this only does half of the job and getting the other half can be considerably more difficult. At Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services, our exterior window cleaning services can handle that difficult other half for you, restoring your windows to a spot-free shine and letting you enjoy them for the beauty they can offer!

At Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services, our Wentzville window cleaning services can restore the beautiful shine to your windows quickly and effectively. Our cleaning techniques not only allow us to get those hard-to-reach windows, but to make sure they’re streak-free, clear, and beautiful to look through again. We’re a results-driven company, and we never settle for anything less than a service which meets our extremely stringent criteria for excellence. We also heavily prioritize safety on window-washing jobs because we know how risky it can be. Each of our team members is required to complete a Ladder Safety Certification Program in order to make sure they can work on those upper floor panes with confidence. Likewise, each one is OSHA certified, which means they have all of the latest training in national safety guidelines for these types of jobs.

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Our Window Cleaning Services are Second to None!

Nobody likes looking at a dirty window. Dirty windows not only make the inside of your home feel like it’s dirtier than it really is, but it can bring the entire outside look of your home down as well. Here at Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services, our highly-trained team members have the skill and materials to get rid of the stains and streaks on your windows, restoring them to their clearest and brightest again!

Our thorough window cleaning services include:

  • Complete cleaning of your glass, both inside and out
  • Wiping and cleaning of all window frames
  • Cleaning of tracks and sills
  • Scrubbing of window screens

Our window cleaning team promises to leave your windows streak and spot free, even if it were to rain! We stand by our work, and that means we’ll come back and touch up your windows when our schedule permits if it rains within three days of our service and your windows aren’t the same level of sparkling clean anymore. We always work hard to get your windows as clean as possible, and we stand behind our work so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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    All of our staff are background checked and screened so you can breathe easier when we come over.

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    We are licensed, bonded, and insured. You deserve a company you trust to invite into your house.